Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Box Girl

Best of Christmas Shoots 2010!

Expect to see this wonderful child on the "big screen" someday! 
I have never met a child overflowing with so much love and personality!

Big brother has a little personality himself! On TOP if the WORLD at River Place Country Club in Austin... (looks scarier that it really is... I haven't lost one yet!)

Brother sista love! 

One of my ALL time favorite families! I've had the privilege of photographing this family twice now. I NEVER know what shots I'm going to come home with! The shoots are a whirlwind of activity, laughter, mischief and rough and tumble love and affection.  Always a great time and a great shoot!

And then, the precious girls in my life, Sydney and Elle. This beautiful photograph will hang 6x9 FEET on a canvas in an inset in their lovely home! Wouldn't this be a wonderful moment to enjoy each day? Can't wait to see it!

YEEEE! The Waugh Boys! My Other favorite all boy shoot! And again, the privilege of a second shoot with these wild, brilliant, handsome and talented boys! 

Future rocker, moviestar and writer perhaps? Who can tell!

This says it all...

    Mom and Dad... got to have a beer with them at Gueros after this shoot. What a fun family, and wow, I love my job!

Let's pray they never actually ENTER this tattoo parlous on South Congress... 



and NINE! It took some work, but we finally found them all!

Abby Road on SOCO ...and guess who the fool is in the middle of the road? The funny thing is that before we cropped it, she noticed it was a green light. Death defying photography!

Cool Allen's Boots pic I posted before remembering to chop the creepy baby (aka Chucky) out of the pic (see behine the glass door) : )

Happy Waughs. : )

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