From Memphis, Tennessee, I am a self-taught, natural light, photographer who has been photographing my world for almost 30 years. I bought my first 35mm camera when I was 13 and have been in love with photography ever since.  Light and easy, I am all about comfort and fun. I try to put those around me at ease while getting as many giggles and tickles as possible... When it comes to the final product, however, I am a perfectionist with my art. I am extremely sensitive to detail, color and form. For portraits, I make sure skin is luminous, teeth are white, and each photo is a stunning work of art, featuring YOU!  I don't like posy-posy photos, but rather candid shots with the whole family having fun. I always keep in mind, though, that this is YOUR shoot, and I will try my best to give you the images that you would like to see on your walls and in your life. 

A little more about me....not important, whatsoever, but good to know who you're letting in your home! 

i love burnt bacon (it's a southern thing).
i return or exchange most of the clothes I purchase.
i never know exactly what our bank balance is...
i CRAVE all music, especially bluegrass.
i am happiest on the porch of Monte Nonna in Linville, NC.
i don't like to cook, and baking even less...
dark chocolate is straight from heaven.
i like sitting in the sun and drinking coffee.
i love the wind. 
i am way cooler with a pair of cowboy boots on.
I can sing a mean harmony.
i fantasize about owning a motorcycle and being a moviestar
i try to make friends wherever i go.
i rarely let them go...
i'm a stickler for a great sense of humor, especially the self-depricating kind
Carlo had it right when he said, "there is no excuse for rudeness"
i can do a mean high-kick.
i am currently having a love affair with red wine. 
i cry every time I hear the National Anthem.
i think perfection is overrated.
Daddy Jim was my hero, and I miss him every day.
i cherish a clean home, yet I rarely have one.
i talk to God every day.
i let my children pick out their own clothes...they never match.
i am in love with my mother. She is a beautiful painter. I cherish her. She is my best friend. 
i will rarely be seen without hot pink lipstick on, even if I'm home alone and no one is watching. 
Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's fun and silly for everyone, no matter how young or old.
i am married to the most handsome and sexy man on earth who makes me laugh more than anything.
And it only took me 30 years to find him...at church (aka The Blue Monkey Bar in Memphis, Tennessee).
i have two BEAUTIFUL children, Jackson, age 8 and Julia, age, 6. They are perfectly made and have more freckles than anyone in Texas or Tennessee.
My children's laughter is my favorite sound. 

I LOVE KIDS. always have.
I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. always have.

Being able to combine the two is a blessing. I hope to never take that for granted.

I tell me husband to 
(especially when I've gotten us lost)
Now I can give that gift to every family I photograph.
I love giving friends a piece of time to keep forever. It makes me truly happy.

Thank you for visiting my site! My goal is to make clients for life and even more friends!
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