Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Really? Whoever said the eyes are windows to the soul had just met this child....

Olivia and Jack; Memphis, TN 2009

Sibling "Rivalry!"

Lake Austin in February! Cover of The Ranch Record 2009

One of my all time favorite children- she is as spunky and yet sweet as they come. I told her
mom she reminded me of Eloise....

Ah....this red-headed darling...She is as tall (her dad is 6'7!) as she is sweet and beautiful (as her mom!)...
but she's killer on the bball court, swimming pool and soccer field! Be warned!

My Eloise again...
Puppy Kisses

Beautiful, Blue-Eyed Olivia

For the love of BEVO!
"DO your ears hang low...."

The Saddest Longhorn in the World... (taken in 2009, obviously!)


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