Wednesday, November 3, 2010

South Congress Peddi-Cab! 

Grandpa and baby at a North Carolina picnic

My sweet Baby Katie doll! I accosted this poor woman in Ann Taylor and basically begged her to let me photograph this sweet baby! Now you can all see why! I have done two shoots with them now, and hope for a third as they are expecting a second child any day. So glad my stalker instincts kicked it! 

Ben, Elle and Blane. Love is all you need.
I ADORE this family.
Their mother, Danielle, (pictured later) makes beautiful,
one-of-a-kind jewelry that you will rarely see me NOT wearing!
A Happy Jake Sandwich! There are some parents that really get stressed out before and during a shoot. These are NOT those parents. They are as relaxed and calm as one would ever want to be. Their main goal? Loving this precious child... and loving each other. Not a single other worry. : )

AH, a loving Mother and her three perfect BOYS!
And THIS is why this was one of my all time favorite shoots! I had NO idea what I had captured until I got home. It was a total blur of swinging, soccer balls, swimming pools, tickling and wrestling. It was WONDERFUL! And it made me realize that although it can be VERY tiresome and frustrating, there is no greater excitement and energy that what comes from a BOY!
A truly beautiful family,  inside and out.  And not a prettier day or spot to be had in Austin, Texas.


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